Willow Garage robots graduate – now off to university!

by Chris Gulker on May 27, 2010

PR2 Willow Garage robot

When InMenlo visited Willow Garage, the company’s PR2 robots were still in development. Last night the company held a graduation ceremony for the robots which are headed off to 11 research institutions, winners in a grant competition aimed at accelerating robotics research by advancing a standard platform for robotic development.

Given the novelty and hype of the $4 million combination of hardware and software, no surprise that there was a heck of lot more press at the event than will be covering M-A’s graduating class on June 3, but at least mom and dad won’t be footing the tuition bill for the Willow Garage crew. We were hoping for full cap and gown – but they would have covered the robot’s sensors. The robot pictured at least has a jaunty wave. Or is it a salute?

Photo by Kara Rosenberg

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