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InMenlo.com was launched by three longtime Menlo Park residents in June 2009. One of the new breed of “hyperlocal news sites,” we focus on the people, places, organizations and events that make living in Menlo Park and neighboring Atherton distinctive and special.

  • Linda Hubbard Gulker - InMenlo.comLinda Hubbard Gulker first moved to Menlo Park a really long time ago (long enough that she started kindergarten at Hillview School and graduated there from 8th grade in the days it was a K-8).  Following her four years at Menlo-Atherton High School, she went “SoCal” to attend UCLA and stayed too long in the Southland. After stints at the Los Angeles Times and Modern Maturity [now AARP] magazine, she moved back  to Menlo Park 20 years ago to find some things had changed – and some things remained the same. When she’s not making assignments, editing and writing for InMenlo, she’s jogging the Dish or other nearby hills.
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  • Chris Gulker has been:
    * a dishwasher
    * a merchant mariner
    * a cab driver
    * a tow-truck operator
    * a bartender
    * a freelance photographer (credits: Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Glamour, NY Times et al.)
    * a staff photographer at the L.A. Herald Examiner
    * a photo editor at (the old) San Francisco Examiner
    * the founder of examiner.com and co-founder of sfgate.com
    * the tech columnist for The Independent, London
    * Director, Publishing Marketing, Apple Computer
    * VP of marketing at a couple of startups
    * an evangelist and  product manager at Adobe Systems
    * a blogger at InMenlo, who can’t believe he’s lived here for 20 years now.
  • See Chris’ articles here on InMenlo.
    Note: InMenlo co-founder Chris Gulker passed away on October 27, 2010.

  • Scott Loftesness has lived in Menlo Park for over 15 years and is a big fan of most things Menlo.  By day, he’s a payments strategy consultant at Glenbrook Partners (on Alma St. across from the Menlo Park Caltrain station).  Most days, he frequents Cafe Borrone for either breakfast or lunch.  During their morning walks together several years ago, Scott learned a lot about photography from Chris Gulker – especially about the power of black and white! These days one of his passions is street photography – see his personal blog.
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  • Scott R. Kline has worked or lived in Menlo Park since 1982. He and his wife Patricia founded a furniture business here, which they ran for 17 years. Their daughter Sara graduated from M-A recently after attending Oak Knoll and Hillview. At age 50, Scott scaled back the furniture business and decided to pursue his love of photography as a career. He photographs for InMenlo with particular interest in those passionate about their hobbies or careers. If he is not clicking his camera, he is probably having a cinnamon roll at Café Borrone or a burger at the Dutch Goose.
    View articles with Scott’s photography here on InMenlo.
  • Irene Searles is an East Coast transplant who first landed in San Francisco to work for Citigroup Private Bank. She took a break from financial services to attend the California Culinary Academy and spent a short time as the Pastry Chef at Ristorante Vivande in Pacific Heights. She returned to Citigroup to open the bank’s Silicon Valley office, moving to Menlo Park 15 years ago. Now a stay-at-home mother of two children, who attend Hillview and M-A, she is exploring a renewed interest in photography. Observes Irene: “Contributing to InMenlo is an amazing way to see and share all of the interesting people, activities and events around town.”
    See Irene’s articles and her photography here on InMenlo.
  • Gina Hart_color-105x140Photographer Gina Hart is a Bay Area native who returned to Menlo Park in 2011 after an extended time living out of the area. She and her family were excited to return to Menlo Park to plug into the excellent community, for the opportunities available in the area and of course the weather (especially after living in Portland!). Also, she knew it would be a great place to raise her family as her husband is a Menlo Park native himself. Gina taught high school English prior to having children and then shifted gears to be a full time mama to her two daughters and a freelance photographer. She continues to be an active member in the classroom and when she isn’t taking photographs she is volunteering in the Menlo Park public schools. Gina enjoys all types of photography, but especially appreciates capturing ‘real-life’ moments and freezing time through her lens.
  • Sheri BaerSheri Baer is a native Oregonian who has been living in Menlo Park with her husband, Doug, since 1995. After working 13 years in TV news and production–including stints in San Francisco, Honolulu and as a travel producer–Sheri switched gears to become Broadcast Director for a high-tech PR Agency in San Jose. With two daughters attending M-A, Sheri is sticking closer to home these days and is eager to explore local “more human” stories beyond the world of semiconductors, software and storage.
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  • InMenlo Contributor Chrisie WendinPeninsula-born Chrisie Wendin discovered Menlo Park some 20 years ago through a fortuitous house-sitting gig on Oak Grove. Once married, she settled down to raise her family in the Willows. Chrisie is an award-winning editor who’s been covering business and technology for the last two decades, having “been there” during the heady days of many now-defunct magazines. Currently working at a professional services firm on a custom business publication, Chrisie sees contributing to InMenlo as pure fun.
    See Chrisie’s articles here on InMenlo.
  • InMenlo contributor Jym ClendeninJym Clendenin has lived in Menlo Park for 35 years and thinks the town’s best attributes are its attractive housing, friendly residents, and just-right downtown, not to mention the near perfect weather. He worked nearby at SLAC for 33 years as an experimental and accelerator physicist, retiring in 2008. Now he enjoys running, biking, backpacking, cooking and reading as well as unearthing facts about Menlo Park’s little known corners and hidden past.
    See Jym’s articles here on InMenlo.
  • InMenlo contributor Laura HamiltonLaura Hamilton is a newcomer on the Menlo Park scene, having moved here 4 years ago from the Midwest. She and her family were drawn to Menlo Park’s location between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. They felt it was a great place to raise a family – the community has been an amazing environment for her young children. She worked in the commercial photography business for over 10 years and now has a portrait business that occupies much of her time. She loves photographing children and families.
    See Laura’s photography here on InMenlo.
  • InMenlo contributor Bill RussInMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ has called Menlo Park home since 1952. He started measuring rainfall, using dual gauges in his backyard 14 years ago, because, he says, “It’s something old guys do.” When not occupied with the weather, Bill, with spouse Sally, applies his vigor to walks around Menlo and active participation at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.
    See Bill’s articles here on InMenlo.
  • Tiger Lily heads up security for InMenlo.comAn 9+-year veteran of the rigors of life in Menlo Park, Tiger Lily joined InMenlo shortly after launch. Originally tasked with guarding Scott and Chris as they walked the wilds of West Menlo Park, she served as Chief Security Officer for InMenlo. Lily passed away in August 2013 and we miss her loyal companionship every day.

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Press Coverage of InMenlo.com

    • GoHyperLocal.com: “This site is has a nice and easy feeling that’s focused on filling in the local color of Menlo Park, CA. The photos and geo-tagged articles are a great touch. From what we can tell most of their stories are written using an ancient local reporting style called Get Out and Talk to People and Take their Pictures. Brilliant.”
    • The Almanac (January 6, 2010): Menlo Park blog captures local life, people, vignettes: “While the news divisions of traditional print newspapers, including this one, tend to focus on what’s changing — warning residents of land development proposals or pending school expansion, for instance — InMenlo sketches the community, and the people in it.”

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