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Hillview Middle School is partnering with Parents for Safe Routes and the Menlo Park Police Department this week on bike safety. HAWK TV is running a series of safety tips/reminders all week — wear your helmet, no earbuds while riding, ride with traffic, etc.

To kick the week off, Parents for Safe Routes targeted a problem intersection/area around Hillview — Olive Street at Santa Cruz Avenue. “This is a major thoroughfare for kids walking and biking to school,” said Safe Routes founder Jen Wolosin (pictured far right, top photo). “The stretch of Olive on the east side of the street is a designated no stopping zone, but unfortunately parents still pull over unsafely at this spot to drop off their kids (one kid got doored here in the Fall!).”

Safe Routes volunteers, along with MPPD Officer Mary Ferguson, handed out water bottles and displayed signs at problem area.

Hillview is known for the large number of students who bike to school. In addition to this week’s focus on safety tips, the school will be running a bike rodeo for all 6th grade students in the Spring.

“This will provide on the road/real world conditions for kids to be taught and to practice proper biking with police, school and parent support,” explained Jen. “However, all these kid-focused efforts need to be complemented with parent/community support. That is, just as kids are being reminded how to safely bike, , parents need to be reminded of proper drop-off/pick up protocol.

“We will be doing friendly reminders to adults this week with additional law enforcement [ticketing] if necessary.”

Photos by Robb Most (c)2018

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