Dala’s Nest House Concerts

Post image for Aimée Bolter Campbell is the host of Dala’s Nest house concerts in Menlo Park

“Everybody gets a front seat,” says Aimée Bolter Campbell about her Dala’s Nest house concerts that she hosts each year at her Menlo Park home on O’Connor Street. The season kicks off this year on April 21 with the Adrian West Trio.

Aimée had a career as a technical writer before retiring in 2016, two years after she started her house concert series. “The impetus for starting was my desire to bring local artists into a dedicated listening space,” she says. “The musicians aren’t struggling to be heard over food, drink and conversation. People come here to really hear the music. Talk happens between sets.”

This year she’s hoping to produce a dozen or so concerts. She presents a wide variety of musical styles, all acoustically. While she still features many local artists, she’s expanded to touring groups from around the nation and the world.

There’s a suggested donation of $20 for each performance, all of which goes to the performer(s).

“I want people to know about this place as a family-friendly, comfortable place,” explains Aimée.

Photo by Robb Most (c) 2018

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