Eichler homes

original tract of Eichler homes

Emails Monique Lombardelli, owner of Modern Homes Reality in Menlo Park and producer of a documentary film about Joseph Eichler:

“I signed with the Eichler family to formally bring back Eichler Homes Development Corp. The last Eichlers were built in 1973.

“Original Eichlers will now be built again, but up to todays standard codes and they will be LEED certified. I noticed a huge market of buyers wanting an Eichler and minimal inventory. So many architects are brilliant and out of work. Design creates a solution!  As the owner of Eichler Homes Development Corp, I will be hiring five architects as Eichler did to build this dream.

“My goal is to bring back Eichler Homes how Joseph Eichler left it, with the same marketing, the same principles of form, and function and affordability.”

First built in 1947, Eichlers are mostly one-story houses of about 2,000 square feet with glass walls, post-and-beam construction, and open floor plans. The exterior features flat roofs and vertical 2-inch pattern wood siding, with straight geometric lines. There are about 50 Eichlers in Menlo Park and 20 in Atherton.

Photo of original Eichler tract in Balboa Highlands in Southern California supplied by Monique Lombardelli.


Joseph Eichler’s legacy is focus of documentary film to be screened in Menlo Park on Sept. 29

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Realtor Monique Lombardelli is, in many respects, all about Joseph Eichler. At McGuire Real Estate, she specializes in selling Eichler homes. She currently lives in the Bazett House, the Frank Lloyd Wright house that Eichler once rented. And drawing on her broadcasting background, she’s directed a documentary film about the real estate developer. People in […]

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