Menlo Park firm identifies “most annoying” buzzwords

by Linda Hubbard on January 19, 2011

The Creative Group, a specialized staffing service based in Menlo Park, recently surveyed
advertising and marketing executives, asking, “In your opinion, what is the most annoying or overused buzzword in the creative/marketing industry today?” The 25 top-ranked responses include:
1.    Social media/social networking
2.    Synergy
3.    Free
4.    Innovative/innovation
5.    ROI/return on investment
6.    Extra value/value added
7.    Model(s)
8.    Telemarketing
9.    Social media expert
10.   Resolve
11.    Moving forward
12.    Branding
13.    Multitasking
14.    Going green
15.    Proactive
16.    Think out of the box
17.    Culture change
18.    End of the day
19.    Interactive
20.    24/7
21.    Integrated/integration
22.    Viral
23.    The big idea
24.    Leverage
25.    Unique

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