2010 babies hangout with their moms at Cafe Zoe

by Linda Hubbard on February 25, 2011

Walk into Cafe Zoe on a Friday morning and you’re likely to find up to a dozen babies sitting on their mom’s lap – or tentatively getting to know each other. It’s all part of a larger group of about 30 Willows neighborhood moms with babies born in 2010.

“Our group sprung out of the larger Willows Mom email listserv,” said Rachel Sussman during a recent visit. “Someone asked a baby question and that sparked conversation among women who’d had babies in 2010.”

“One mom was on maternity leave and suggested the back patio at Cafe Zoe as the perfect meeting place,” added Vasey Hargreaves. “Cafe owner Kathleen Daly was – and is – so welcoming. We even get extra attention – Sean brings our drink orders to us as it’s hard to juggle baby and gear plus a beverage.”

Not surprisingly the main topic of conversation is about babies and living with babies. “Sleep is a big topic,” said Rachel. “Or lack of it,” piped in another mom.

All the moms agreed that the Willows neighborhood is really family friendly. “Most of us knew a couple of other moms before the group came together,” said Rachel. “We’d already met when we were out walking while pregnant or at the yoga studio [that used to be next door to Cafe Zoe].”

Some of the group’s moms have now returned to the workplace. They stay connected with each other and the stay-at-home moms at a monthly get together at nearby Willow Oaks Park. “This is great for us working moms,” said Brandy Bridges. “I imagine we’ll all be spending a lot more time at the park – with Zoe picnics, of course! – once the babies are up running about. We’re lucky to have two great neighborhood hangouts!”

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