Goats make their annual appearance in Menlo Park

by Linda Hubbard on May 15, 2011

A herd of goats, numbering between 150 to 200, is happily munching away on the tall grass at Sharon Hills Park, part of the city of Menlo Park’s annual fire prevention program. The goats offer the city a non-toxic alternative to the typical noisy, polluting mechanical equipment used for cutting down and removing tall weeds and grass, according to David Mooney, parks and trees supervisor for the city.

“That Park is a particular challenge because of the steepness,” said Mooney. “To prepare for the goats, it’s divided into sections, so that one area at a time gets fully grazed.”

The goats have been coming to Menlo Park for about 15 years. While in the city, they are tended to 24 hours a day by onsite shepherds, herding dogs, and a low-voltage electric fence. They arrived last Tuesday, May 10 and will stay for approximately two weeks. The goats are supplied by EcoSystems Concepts, a company that’s run by a husband/wife team; he’s a retired firefighter and she’s a vet.

The goats are a popular sight with residents. The City requests that if you come to say hello to the goats, please follow the posted rules, and keep your dog(s) leashed and in control.

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