Catching up with photograher Susan Carnahan – and her love of cranes

by Linda Hubbard on December 1, 2011

We happened to notice that the Sandhill Crane Festival was happening in Lodi last month and made the correct assumption that Menlo Park photographer and crane lover Susan Carnahan would be there.

“The Festival is a great experience,” she says. “Cranes may be the main focus but there are trips to see all types of birds and other wildlife. Plus there are workshops, music and an art show.”

Susan, who we first profiled in April 2010, was good enough to share some of the photographs she took during the Festival. “I got the shot of Sandhills at the evening fly-in out about 5:00 pm,” she says. “The cranes photographed at the Isenberg Crane Reserve (below) were getting ready to fly out in the morning.”

Sandhill cranes by Susan Carnahan

Susan continues to be relentless in her pursuit of cranes with the ultimate goal of photographing all 15 species. “I’ve updated by website with images of cranes taken on my trip in May with the International Crane Foundation to northeast China and southeast Russia.,” she says. “I’m going to photograph more Sandhills this winter/spring and hope to get to Texas when the few remaining Whooping Cranes are there.

“North America only has Sandhills and Whooping Cranes. The former are the most numerous species — around one million — and only one of four species that are not endangered, although they are in some locations.”

Visiting the California cranes, according to Susan, can be arranged through Save Our Cranes or the Department of Fish and Game. They are in the Delta area from October until the end of February.

“If you didn’t guess it already, I love telling people about the cranes — and, of course, showing my photos!” she says.

Crane images copyright 2011 by Susan Carnahan; used with permission

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