Four new artists introduced at Portola Art Galley on May 5

by Frances Freyberg on May 1, 2012

The Portola Art Gallery is hosting an Art and Wine Afternoon on Saturday, May 5, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm to introduce four new gallery artists: Misako Kambe, Jan Prisco, Linda Salter and Carolyn Wang. In addition to their permanent exhibits in the gallery, their work will be featured in a group show during the month of May. Domenico Winery of San Carlos will host a wine tasting during the opening reception.

About the Artists

Misako Kambe, of Menlo Park, is a ceramicist, inspired by traditional Japanese, Chinese and Persian designs, including Kimono design from her apprenticeship in one of the most distinguished Kimono studios in Kyoto, Japan. Misako creates her unique designs by free-hand carving with an X-ACTO knife on the surface of the clay, and she uses many different firing methods to create a warm and serene feel, including Raku-firing, pit-firing, high-firing, wood-firing and wood-soda firing.

Jan Prisco, of San Mateo, is an emerging pastel and oil artist. In portraiture, her goal is to capture the likeness and vitality of those she paints by studying and capturing the gesture, reflection of light, facial expression and color. When painting landscapes, Jan works toward capturing the mood and light of the spot she is painting. Her goal is to pull the viewer into the painting through use of texture, light and color.

Linda Salter, of San Mateo, works primarily in pastels and oils and is especially drawn to portraiture. Linda spent more than three decades as an instructor and administrator in California colleges, serving as president of Skyline College in San Bruno and chancellor of West Valley-Mission Community College District in Santa Clara County. Since retiring as chancellor a decade ago, Linda has studied with a number of local and visiting artists, and she has a studio at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica.

Carolyn Wang, of San Francisco, is a glass artist focused on using color, balance, composition and light to design objects that both delight the viewer and evoke the possibility and versatility of use. Reflection and transmission are integral to the design and allow the work to capture another variable and dimension of play. Carolyn is committed to the environment and thus chooses to create products with longevity and produced from recycled materials.

The Portola Art Gallery is located at the Allied Arts Guild, 75 Arbor Drive, Menlo Park.

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