Spotted: Katie Behroozi bringing home the family Christmas tree – by bicycle!

by Linda Hubbard on December 16, 2013

A photo on Facebook caught our eye. It showed Menlo Park resident Katie Behroozi cycling with a Christmas tree in the bike’s trailer. We asked her to fill in the blanks, and she replied via email:

“We’ve done this twice now. I love getting a tree from a local farm (fresher, supporting local economy, etc.) but don’t like driving to do so: a) the roads are windy and we get carsick; b) it cuts into riding time (we have limited daylight in the winter and are trying to maximize our time out on the roads before the rains hit) and c) obviously less environmentally friendly.

“We found the Happy Elves farm while riding our bikes on Page Mill. They are very low-key — don’t advertise much, you pay the husband/wife at their front door, and they leave saws and trolleys out for people to harvest their trees. They are also 11 miles from our front door by bike — closer than most of the Los Gatos-area farms. The whole trip took about two hours, door to door, including finding and cutting down a tree that would fit into our trailer.

“Descending Page Mill with the tree is no problem. We know the road well, and I got years of practice managing a trailer when my son Henry [now almost 7] was little. Climbing Page Mill pulling a trailer — albeit an empty one — is a real workout, something I’m glad only to do once a year!”

Photo by Cyrus Behroozi 


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