Safety tips for walkers, runners and cyclists to think about in the new year

by Contributed Content on January 11, 2014

Whether you started a New Year’s resolution to get fit or you are a routine fitness fanatic,  the Menlo Park Police Department would like to offer a few safety tips to help you remain aware and safe in this new year.

Safety Tips for Runners and Walkers
-Hit the road with a companion if possible.
-Run, jog or walk in familiar areas.
-Avoid running, walking or jogging in secluded, poorly lit areas, or areas that provide concealment (wooded areas).
-Avoid wearing headphones when alone. If you do wear headphones, make sure the volume is low enough that you can hear what is happening around you.
-Wear bright colors or reflective clothing to increase your visibility to motorists.
-Carry a whistle or high decibel personal alarm.
-If you think you are being followed, go to the nearest home, open business, or group of people.
-If you drive your car to a location to exercise, take your keys with you and place personal items out of view (before you get to the location).

Safety Tips for Bicyclists
According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, more than 100 people are killed and many more are injured in bicycle collisions every year in California. Bicyclists on the road have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists and are subject to the same rules and regulations.

-Maintain control of your bicycle by making sure it is the right size for you and that it is mechanically sound. Visit a local bicycle shop for guidance.
-Practice routine maintenance of your bicycle.
-Protect yourself by wearing a helmet.
-Be visible and alert. Be aware of cars entering and exiting the roadway that may not see you. Watch -and wait for cars that may be turning in front of you.
-Use hand signals to indicate where you would like to turn, stop, or slow on the roadway.
-Ride with traffic and obey all signs, signals, and markings.
-Do not wear head phones while riding your bicycle.

Most importantly, have fun, and we wish you the best in achieving and/or maintaining your fitness goals!


sally January 11, 2014 at 8:38 am

Most important tip for bicyclists: don’t ride too far to the right. That makes you hard for cars to see, easy for car doors to hit, and encourages unsafe passing by cars. If there is no bike lane, riding in the center of the right lane is the safest position.

Kristy January 12, 2014 at 6:29 am

The tips for runners seem to warn against attacks, which makes one wonder, why is Menlo Police Department leading with this advice for the new year? Have there been some attacks? Particular problems in this town lately? I haven’t noticed anything in the Police Logs, but don’t read them often.

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