Next ConnectMenlo symposium focuses on zoning regulations and design standards

by Contributed Content on November 12, 2015

ConnectMenlo is an update of the City’s General Plan, which guides future development, land uses, and transportation in the city. As part of the ConnectMenlo update, the City will be examining land uses and development standards for the M-2 zoning area, as well as mobility issues citywide.

The next symposium, scheduled for Nov. 18 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm in the City Council Chambers (701 Laurel St.), will offer an introduction to the purposes and use of zoning regulations and design standards. The panel of experienced professionals in the field of design and urban planning will engage in dialogue and discuss and answer questions about the following:

  • Why is zoning important?
  • How are zoning and development standards used by City Planning staff?
  • How can zoning and design standards help realize the community’s vision for its future expressed in General Plan goals, policies, and actions?
  • How can zoning and design standards facilitate high-quality, attractive development that includes comfortable places for public use and supports environmental protection and healthy lifestyles?
  • What are ways to make zoning and design standards more understandable and useful to the community?

Guest speakers include Charlie Knox, Principal, and Bruce Brubaker, Associate Principal, at PlaceWorks and Mike Moore, adjunct faculty member in the Environmental Studies and Planning Department at Sonoma State University and former Planning and Building Director for the Cities of Sonoma and Mill Valley and the Community Development Director for the City of Petaluma.

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