Spotted: Young coyotes and Buck deer roaming the Dish

by Linda Hubbard Gulker on July 5, 2018

Hey Menlo folks who enjoy walking or jogging the Dish. While the turkeys that are normally out in abundance were no where to be seen early this morning, we got a special show from two young coyotes — we’re guessing this year’s litter — and a Buck deer.

Neither coyotes nor deer seemed the least bit worried about humans, reminding this writer of seeing animals in Africa, albeit from a vehicle, not on foot like this morning.

The two coyotes wrestled a bit like boys upon meeting up and then went on the hunt. One soon captured one of the abundant ground squirrels for breakfast.

The Buck deer was solo, wandering about just up the hill from the coyotes. If it went downhill as the coyotes ventured up, they would have met. We didn’t stay around for the stand off.

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