Spotted: Local heroes visiting Laurel School in Atherton

by Parke Treadway on December 8, 2018

A Navy Seal, a Firefighter, and a Community Activist walk into a school. This is no joke. This is part of the latest Project Based Learning unit, “Where Does Bravery Come From?,” for third grade students at Laurel School.

In keeping with Laurel School’s mission to be an “involved community,” the unit kicked off with a visit by heroic members of the local community: Navy Seal/FBI Agent Drew Patrick, Menlo Park Firefighter Giau Nguyen, and Community Activist Jen Wolosin of Parents for Safe Routes.

Next step: The students will tackle the guiding questions, “What is an act of courage, and how can we highlight courage in our community and beyond? Where does bravery come from?” After researching, reflecting, and finding their own answers to the questions, each student will present a brave person they look up to for the school’s Hero Museum showcase.

Parents will be invited to learn more about each hero from the students who have studied them. This unit is part of Laurel School’s commitment to Project Based Learning, a model that gives students voice and choice in learning about an overarching concept and presenting their learning to the community.


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