Experience the music of Venice in the 17th century on Jan. 12

by Contributed Content on January 10, 2020

Venice in the 1640’s – without a doubt the time to be alive. Why? With luck and a bit of wealth, you might get to hear Monteverdi’s late masterpieces as they were launched. As a close second, you can hear these pieces very soon, performed by the vocal soloists of St. Bede’s, Menlo Park, with the instrumentalists of The Albany Consort and The Whole Noyse.

The performance takes place on Sunday, Jan. 12, at 4:00 pm. Tickets ($15 to $25) are available at the door or save $5 per ticket by purchasing in advance. St. Bede’s is located at 2650 Sand Hill Road.

Four major works by Monteverdi flank the program – two from Selva Morale e spirituale, two from Madrigals of War and Love. Between the vocal works, the musicians present sonorous 4 part and 8 part sonatas and canzonas by Monteverdi’s contemporaries Frescobaldi, Gabrieli and Rossi. All told, a fabulous view into a four-century-old soundscape that is as vibrant now as it was in the day.

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