Dr. Jo English: Serving local residents’ chiropractic needs since 1983

by Linda Hubbard on June 29, 2020

While not a native to the Bay Area, chiropractor Dr. Jo English has deep roots in Menlo Park.  “I am probably one of the longest owner-operated Menlo Park businesses, opening here in 1983 and in my current location since 1985,” she says.

“My office has an interesting history, built by Dr. Foley in 1950 as a dental building, then becoming Rudolph’s Beauty Salon, and now Oak Grove Chiropractic and Wellness. I do like my downtown office location. I can walk to the bank and the hardware store. I enjoy being part of the community.”

Describing herself as “people person,” she’s thankful that her services are deemed “essential” within the shelter-in-place order [since lifted]. “I need to restrict the number of people in the office, deep clean between patients and everyone wears a mask. I’ve tried to add some homey touches, too.”

Dr. Jo, as she’s known, grew up in a family that used chiropractors. But after college she worked in social welfare for a number of years. “The state cut funding and I needed to look at other options. I wanted to do something where I could continue to keep learning. Chiropractic fit the bill.”

Dr. Jo is a proponent of using an Activator, an instrument she says has been around for 40 years. “It’s a handheld instrument,” she explains. “It’s very specific. There is no twisting and turning. My patients prefer it, and it’s more precise for me.”

When a new — or returning — patient comes in, Dr. Jo first looks at where the pain is. “But I also look at the whole body, feet to head. I think people have better outcomes when you adjust the whole body.”

Dr. Jo’s practice also includes applied clinical nutrition. “It’s most often for stress management but can also be helpful to people who are having trouble sleeping or experiencing stomach discomfort.”

In talking with her, it’s clear that Dr. Jo loves what she’s doing and is committed to her patients. “I get to learn new things all the time,” she says. “That’s what I wanted to do and here we are!”

Photo by Robb Most (c) 2020

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