Large 2021 art installation created by students at Sacred Heart Preparatory

by Contributed Content on January 11, 2021

Students at Sacred Heart Preparatory (SHP) in Atherton started and completed a large-scale art installation filled with their intentions for 2021 over the course of five days. Small groups from each class took turns working on the project, while socially distanced and wearing masks, as part of “Week Zero,” or orientation week.Each class wrote reflections on the past year and intentions for the new one on sticky notes in their “class color,” placing them on an assigned freestanding, wooden number; together, they spell out “2021.” Students also spent time creating chalk art on each black backdrop with words of encouragement for the other classes’ respective numbers.

Although SHP remains in distance learning mode as it has since March 2020, the student body was brought back last week so students could “see classmates, and feel connected to campus again” as well as conduct orientation, said Lauren Benjamin, SHP assistant principal of mission and culture.

“We wanted students to have a moment to interact with the campus with a hands-on group project, to reflect, and not take for granted what we’ve been through,” said Benjamin. “It was a challenging year, so they’re reflecting on the silver linings and what they want to hold onto from 2020, and setting intentions for 2021.”

“This installation has everybody’s hands on it — I think that’s so beautiful,” said Benjamin. “It’s really special to see their meaningful reflections full of hope.”

“The completed work will be covered in a sealant to adhere the sticky notes more permanently to the wooden numbers, and installed in a to-be-determined location on campus.

Photos courtesy Sacred Heart Preparatory


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