Artist Alice Weil is inspired by the rust of her Dawn Redwoods (plus a rain report!)

by Linda Hubbard on November 4, 2021

We’ve enjoyed following Alice Weil’s artistic journey and happy to hear her paintings are once again on exhibit at the Portola Arts Gallery at the Allied Arts Guild.

She emailed this photo, commenting: “I have been exhibiting still life and landscape painting. I’m about to embark on a new series featuring tonal landscapes. I’m sure that this beautiful Dawn Redwood rust in my backyard will make it into the tonal works.”

Dawn Redwood new to you? Here’s a description: “The Dawn Redwood is a massive tree that reaches up to 65 feet in height with spreads ranging between 15 and 25 feet. It is often used as a specimen tree or for shading purposes in large landscape areas. Although it looks like an evergreen tree, the feathery, needlelike foliage is actually deciduous and often turns vibrant reddish-bronze colors in the autumn. These trees bear small, brown cones and have a distinct reddish-brown trunk.”

Meanwhile: here’s the latest rainfall report: Yes, the streets were damp this morning. 0.02 has fallen since midnight, Nov. 4 bringing the year to date to 5.66″. InMenlo weather watcher says his digital gauge often rounds off the year to date inches.

Photo by Alice Weil (c) 2021


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