From a Teen Perspective: The Guild Theatre

by Dylan Lanier on January 30, 2023

As a teenager, I’m always looking for stuff to do, and yet the range of that “stuff” seems to be getting narrower and narrower. In the summer, you can catch me at the park, by the beach, or out for a hike.

However, in the colder months, I typically spend time indoors watching Netflix or hanging out with friends. But it seems that my friends and I too quickly run out of indoor activities every year, succumbing to boredom in our free time. Which leads me to one local spot that’s frequently overlooked by my age group.

The Guild Theatre (re)opened in Februrary, 2022, and has since hosted numerous events, from concerts to comedy nights to magic shows. My parents and their friends frequent those events, so I initially labeled it as an “adult” establishment. But then I went to see a comedy lineup for myself and found the experience quite fun. The atmosphere is intimate and welcoming, with comfy seats, a relaxing ambience, and a stage just feet away from the audience.

The Guild does require individuals under 18 to attend with a guardian, but that just means bringing along one parent or older sibling with your friend group. You can sit at the lower level or reserve seats on the upper level. There’s a bar with plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to the left of the stage.

Overall, the theater is a great fit for a relaxed yet exciting hang with your friends. Check out The Guild’s website to find upcoming events, and bring your friends for an entertaining indoor evening to remedy winter boredom!

Editor’s note: Bob Weir, who grew up in Atherton, will be at the Guild in early April.

From a Teen Perspective is a new column contributed by Menlo-Atherton High School Junior Dylan Lanier, who has lived in Menlo Park since he was two. He enjoys the town’s local restaurants and libraries as well as nearby running trails.

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