Kate Lucas authors children’s book series, Foxglove Fairies

by Linda Hubbard on August 4, 2023

Growing up locally and attending Menlo School from sixth grade on, it was acting that Kate Lucas was passionate about. She headed south to UCLA where she pursued a degree in acting, but then a lightbulb of sorts went off.

“My first love was reading and writing,” she says, “so I switched to being an English major. Theater connects with being a storyteller.”

And a storyteller she was become, authoring a children’s book, The Foxglove Fairy Mystery. “I think it fills a niche,” she says. “It springs from my love of nature, which is what inspires my writing.”

The first of what Kate says will be 10 books, it tells the tale of Mint Fairy, the best friend of Detective Foxglove, who crafts the beautiful golden coins that the Tooth Fairy collects each night to deliver to human children. But when Mint Fairy’s coins are stolen by a mysterious thief, she enlists Foxglove Fairy to help her get them back in time for their evening delivery.

The illustrations, which have drawn praise, are by Katerina Grik, who is entirely self-taught and lives in a small village in Poland. “I found her through UpWork and it developed into a 6,000-mile friendship!”

The Foxglove Fairy Mystery is available on Amazon.

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Ardan Michael Blum August 05, 2023 at 11:53 am

This is a first rate children’s book.

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