Rain year 2022/2023 ends with one final sprinkle

by Linda Hubbard on October 1, 2023

It’s like the rain gods wanted to put the final touch to this robust rain year that began October 1, 2022 and ended yesterday September 30, 2023 by squeezing out a final morning sprinkle.

InMenlo weather watcher Dennis Nugent recorded 0.02″ in his digital rain gauge yesterday, bringing the year-to-date to 39.50″. Wow!

The 2021-22 rain year recorded 15.91″; only 7.44″ in 2020-21.

What will this rain year bring? There are signs of El Nino according to weather experts, but, as they point out, that doesn’t always mean more rain.

InMenlo file photo (c) 2023

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