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fish stewCruising around Menlo Park on a warm August Sunday, iPhone in hand.

Squids are prolific now along the Coast and found fresh at the Farmer’s Market today where Pietro suggested an awesome Calamari salad.

Then they became part of outrageous seafood Cioppino stew, scooped over black ink pasta and topped with garden fresh herbs.

A grilled prime steak, heirloom tomatoes Caprese, sweet fresh picked corn on the cob tops off a Sunday feast.

whole mealTaking in the prolific blooming gardens along Johnson Street are here for free.


Johnson roses

Photos by Addison “Buz” Olian

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An iPhone is handy camera to have for “July-ing” around Menlo Park

Ah, Menlo Park! As shot from my iPhone this week: Farmer’s Market peppers at the peek of perfection. Laurel Street, a sidewalk showcase for strolling. Painterly edited. Black Eyed Susans in all their summer glory. Pumpkins July-ing around on hot summer days. Pictured is Lolly Font, 84, Menlo Park Yogi, doing her daily yoga walk […]

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Can this really be January in Menlo Park?

MLK Day in Menlo Park could also stand for “Menlo Loves Kids”, as these youngsters used the day off from school to enjoy the abundant sunshine and unseasonably warm (72 degrees) weather. Playing on their Lee Drive driveway with water canons yesterday are Claire, age 4, her brother Jasper, 1, and neighbor Julia, 9. Editor’s […]

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