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Typically Valentine’s Day is all about flowers and candy to express our love.

Often times life gets in the way and the last minute scramble for a gift, means exorbitantly priced roses and chocolates.

Well don’t worry, there are lots of amazing, fun and useful things you can pick up at the store that will make them laugh and swoon on February 14th.

Everyone should be grinning on this day of love, and Barry Manilow said it best, isn’t your Valentine the reason you smile? Keep it fresh with a new toothbrush!

It is amazing what switching out a few letters will do! Whether you love them a “latte” or a “lotto”, they will appreciate a coffee or a chance to win the big bucks.

And why go out to a restaurant when you can have a Ramen-tic dinner (top photo) at home?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Menlo Park resident Alexis Murphy’s website is Jac o’ lyn Murphy; You can also follow her creative thoughts on Instagram.

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Peas and carrots aren’t so scary when teamed with spooky pasta

When I was a kid, cooked peas and carrots were the veggie combo that scared me to death. I couldn’t stand them, and thought they were not only mushy and tasteless but torture to eat. As an ode to my childhood fears, I made a Spooky Pasta Salad fit for Halloween night. This is what I’ve learned […]

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Get boo-tiful with a DYI Halloween face mask

For Halloween, we usually think about the mask that comes with your costume, but this year I am all about the beauty of the mask! Something that covers the face, bold and colorful, natural and homemade, that will make you feel good and will definitely amuse or terrify anyone who catches you with it on. DIY face masks […]

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Blessed be the fruit – “Handmaid’s Tale” Emmy snack

The Handmaid’s Tale is nominated for 20 Emmy Awards this year. It is cause for celebration or as they would say in Gilead, “Praise Be!” It is a dark and suspenseful story, and I felt like we needed a little brightness and levity to enjoy during the show, which is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 17 at 5:00 […]

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Celebrate the 4th of July with Aunt Nita’s Dilly Crackers

My Great Aunt Nita’s Dilly Crackers are a legend and a must have for the 4th of July! It’s a traditional snack that no one can resist and you can not get more all American than a recipe from a special relative in her 90s. Pictured is my Great Aunt Nita with her siblings and parents; my grandmother […]

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Playful patterned platter of hot dogs – Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day snuck up on me this year and instead of stressing over what to serve, I’m opting to keep it simple and traditional, with a touch of whimsy. With a wave of the magic mustard wand, our weekend hot dogs are going from drab to designer. It’s amazing how just a pop of yellow can […]

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Festive ways to use chocolate rabbits for Easter

It all started during Easter years ago. My kids received so many adorable chocolate bunnies that I thought there has to be something more to do with them besides nibble off the ears. Bunny Milk became a fun tradition that we still look forward to. It seems as though chocolate rabbits are multiplying more than ever. The […]

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Bring on the green and make cream o’ spinach soup for St. Patrick’s Day

When you have the last name Murphy, March is a time of luck and leprechauns, celebrations and of course, clovers. Everything seems more glorious and green, not only in our surroundings but in what we eat. I am kicking off the season with a special pot at the end of the rainbow — Cream O’Spinach Soup. It’s […]

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Lady Bird Ding Dongs, our tribute to Sacramento

The Golden Globe nominated film, Lady Bird, is lovely, quirky and sentimental. It is about a young girl’s love/hate relationship with her hometown of Sacramento. As it turns out, the city is not just a backdrop, but one of the stars of the movie. If you are from California, you know our state capitol often gets a […]

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Merry Christmas cheese tree to wow your guests

Cheese platters are a crowd pleaser. Cheese platters are easy. Cheese platters are delicious. Cheese platters should never be boring! I keep lots of cheese on hand during the holidays. It seems like someone is always stopping by or we need to bring something over to a friend’s house. Turning Christmas Cheese into Christmas Trees is my favorite way […]

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Five fun things to do with gumdrops – even on a busy December weekend

Gumdrops just make me happy. They are bright, colorful and festive any time of year.They are also one of the most versatile of all the goodies in candyland. Here are some of my favorite ways to use them. Yellow gumdrops with a sprig of rosemary make instantly festive pineapples. Much more convenient than a trip to Hawaii! Gnome […]

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