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In anticipation of prom and formals-to-come, M-A’s Key Club is hosting the Princess Project for the month of February. The Club is encouraging local residents to donate gently used party dresses at the front office for students who cannot afford to buy their own dresses for dances.

The project runs through Feb. 24; accessories are needed in addition to dresses. All donations will benefit M-A students of M-A and allow them to enjoy school dances like the rest of their peers.

The Princess Project is only one of many events run by the M-A Key Club, which is a part of the larger international Key Club family. Currently, the club is funding the education of Charity Njeri, a high school student in Kenya. To learn more about the Princess Project and the club’s activities, visit the club’s website or contact co-presidents Kiko Aebi and Taryn Thiele-Sardina at [email protected]]

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Menlo-Atherton students continue to raise money for Japanese earthquake relief

Although the people of Japan suffer firsthand the damage caused by the recent earthquake and tsunami, these natural disasters have also swept the small, yet patriotic population of Japanese Americans here at Menlo-Atherton High School. “The first thing I saw was a car, moving as fast as it can, being engulfed by a giant brown […]

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What’s it like being on stage? The cast of Pride and Prejudice talk about their experiences

We all know the basic plot of any Jane Austen story: Girl falls for boy, but he must not know. Boy falls for girl, but she must not know. They find out and everyone is happy. The end. But to the cast of M-A’s production of Pride and Prejudice, the show represents not only hours […]

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Wizardry behind M-A’s flashy (some say garish!) sign

As you approach Menlo Atherton High School  from Ringwood Ave, the looming Performing Arts Center transforms into a distant backdrop for the curiously bright lights of M-A’s LED billboard, a recent addition to the high school campus. “Having that old janky sign was like owning a tube TV right after everyone switched to flat screens,” […]

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