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Summer and ice cream go together.  And this should be your prompt to check-out the newest ice cream store in our area, Queen Bee Ice Cream.

Located in Marsh Manor, Queen Bee Ice Cream shares space with Angel Heart Cakes. Since opening in late February, owner DeAndra Axlund (pictured with daughter Rachel) has been winning converts from the loyal fans, local businesses, and especially the near-by neighborhoods.  In fact, Suburban Park residents have instituted a regular Saturday night walk and social. The lovely new patio just in front makes adds to the experience.

Starting Queen Bee has been DeAndra and her husband’s dream for over nine years. But only in 2010 did everything come together:  a good location, right time in her life, and,of course, the ice cream!

Queen Bee sells 38 flavors of Marianne’s Ice Cream – the same Marianne’s that’s been an institution since 1956 on Ocean Avenue in Santa Cruz. And for the first time,  Marianne’s  has developed a unique flavor for one of its partners. The Queen Bee flavor is a luscious combination of See’s molasses chips, dark chocolate, and honey in a vanilla base.  You need to try it. Marianne’s signature flavor, 10-20, is always available.

DeAndra’s favorite flavor is Macapuno, a very tasty coconut ice cream.  (Of the flavors I sampled, it was mine, too!)

DeAndra also makes homemade ice cream cookies and brownies, tantalizing layered milkshakes, and yummy cupcakes frosted with ice cream.  Queen Bee always has a selection of sorbets, and at least one or two ice cream flavors with No Added Sugar (NAS).

The ice cream shop’s hours are  Tues., Wed., Thurs., Noon – 8:oo pm; Fri. and Sat., Noon – 9 pm; closed on Monday.  Queen Bee is located at 3716 Florence, Marsh Manor Shopping Center. The phone number is 650-787-5239.

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