Aerial Arts of Menlo Park

Aerial Arts of Menlo Park will be performing at the San Francisco Movement Arts Festival 2019 (SFMAF), taking place at Grace Cathedral on Friday, July 19, from 5:15 pm until 7:30 pm.

“This is such an amazing venue and a great opportunity for our local organization,” said Moni Santini-Kelly who teaches aerial arts at the Burgess Gym. “The producer, Jim Tobin, invites only local dancers to perform. We are proud and honored to be part of it.”

The SFMAF will present a multitude of dancers performing a variety of dance styles. Dances will happen at the same time, like “an art gallery” or “the farmers market of the dance,” in various stations inside and outside the Cathedral.

Aerial Arts of Menlo Park will bring 12 aerial performers, who will dance on the theme of The Natural Elements on a 20-foot high, free standing, portable aerial rig and on a variety of aerial apparatuses.

Photo of Moni Santini-Kelly by Betsy Sergeant Snow (c) 2017

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