annual rainfall

With the National Weather Service forecasting more rain accompanied by high winds arriving Wednesday with continued showers though the weekend, residents are encouraged to keep storm drains clear of leaves and debris.

Menlo Park’s incredible tree canopy is part of what has made it a Tree City USA for the last 18 years. That same tree canopy produces an incredible amount of leaves each winter just before and during the rainy season. The leaves that fall to the ground should be collected and disposed of properly.

Leaves that end up in the street or curb can clog storm drains and increase the potential for local street flooding. Never blow or rake leaves into the street, and ensure any landscape service providers know the proper way to dispose of leaves. Place fallen leaves into the green compost cart along with grass clippings, weeds, hedge and shrubbery cuttings, small tree branches and flowers for weekly curbside collection and recycling.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye on your neighborhood storm drain catch basin. Clogged catch basins can cause street flooding when it rains. If a catch basin is clogged with leaves and can be accessed safely, clear it with a broom or rake or call the city’s Maintenance Division at 650-330-6780 for assistance.

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