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The community is invited to participate in an installation outside Art Ventures Gallery in Menlo Park (888 Santa Cruz Ave.) to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, August 6–9, 2020. The Peace Crane project is part of A/V Gallery director Katharina Powers’ nonprofit, Menlo Park Public Art, and is co-sponsored by the Peninsula/Palo Alto Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, represented by Menlo Park resident Judy Adams.

The goal of the public art installation on the trellis outside the gallery is to display 1,000 paper cranes from now through August and raise awareness of the 75th anniversary. Residents can view the preliminary installation now, awaiting new cranes made by volunteers.

You can be part of this community project! Judy has prepared packets of small origami cranes, which were gifts to WILPF from the people of Ehime, Japan, for residents and business owners who volunteer to help with the project. The packets, which are clipped to the base of the trellis outside the gallery, include instructions for folding larger paper cranes using ordinary printer paper or magazine pages. Wooden clothespins are provided for participants to attach the larger cranes they make to the trellis.

In addition, the smaller samples from Japan can be used as part of a family’s home display — strung together in a garland with other, larger cranes, and displayed with a sign about their meaning (a sample statement is included in the packet). Judy also encourages business owners and residents to chalk a message for peace on the sidewalk near where they hang the cranes from a tree, fence, or window frame. The project follows a Japanese traditional use of paper cranes at this time of the year.

The cranes have special significance linked to one of the young survivors of the bombing, Sadako Sasaki, who survived the Hiroshima blast as a two-year-old but died at the age of 12 of cancer caused by the radiation. She is reported to have folded a thousand paper cranes — a reference to the mythical thousand-year lifespan of cranes — to honor those who died from the bombings and those who survived, known in Japan as Hibakusha. She, and all the children who lost their lives, are memorialized in the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima, where a youth holds a giant crane aloft.

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Sculptor Oleg Lobykin to appear at fundraiser for Menlo Park Public Art

As part of the fundraising efforts of the new, non-profit Menlo Park Public Art, local sculptor Oleg Lobykin will appear at Art Ventures Gallery in downtown Menlo Park on Thursday, March 12 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. One part of the event is to raise money to put Oleg’s sculpture, Talking Heads, in Fremont Park. The […]

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Free film screening at Art Ventures gallery on Jan. 17

The UNAFF (United Nations Association Film Festival) Cafe in conjunction with Menlo Park Public Art is presenting Can Art Stop a Bullet: William Kelly’s Big Picture on Friday, Jan. 17 at 6:00 pm. A description of the film is available online. The screening will take place at Art Ventures Gallery, 888 Santa Cruz Ave., Menlo Park, with a […]

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Artist Ian Ruhter brings his Color Field project to Art Ventures Gallery

Ian Ruhter’s Color Field project, now on display at Art Ventures Gallery takes viewers on a visual and emotional excursion accessing subconscious memories and thoughts. Ruhter’s unique technique combining the visualization of the negative state of the image with the subtractive color process alters the way the brain sees and interprets these images, relying on […]

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Ryan Carrington’s art and sculptures are featured exhibit at Art Ventures Gallery in Menlo Park

Ryan Carrington’s art and sculptures showcasing patriotism are on display at Art Ventures Gallery in Menlo Park through October 27. From Grandma’s Apple Pie to an American Flag created from carpenter’s pants, suits, collared shirts and neckties, Carrington captures the spirit of grassroots Americana . Carrington grew up in a family that values labor, hard […]

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POST offers Jim Caldwell poster of Tunitas Creek Beach painting

Emails artist (and architect) Jim Caldwell: “This beach is a coastal gem: an expansive one-mile stretch of beach framed by iconic steep cliffs at the intersection of Tunitas Creek and Highway 1, south of Half Moon Bay. “Unfortunately, the beach experienced significant degradation in recent years. It became popular via social media as a place […]

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Art Ventures series on climate change concludes Feb. 25 & 26

The Art Ventures Gallery Speaker Series: Stanford’s Climate-Energy Investment In Perspective: Art, Politics, and Science concludes this week with speakers on Monday and Tuesday. Feb. 25, 6:30 pm – Franklin (Lynn) Orr, Ph. D., (pictured right) Former US Dept. of Energy Under Secretary for Science and Energy & Professor Emeritus, Department of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford […]

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Art Ventures Gallery’s series on Stanford’s Climate-Energy Investment kicks off with artist Michael Killen

Dr. Katharina Powers has announced the Art Ventures Gallery Speaker Series: Stanford’s Climate-Energy Investment In Perspective: Art, Politics, and Science. This nine-day art and speaker series helps the general public, climate action now and clean energy advocates, along with  investors, to deepen their understanding of Stanford’s half-billion dollar energy-solution investment. It enables attendees to see […]

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Artist Linda Cosgrove defines contemporary surrealism with exhibit at Art Ventures Gallery in Menlo Park

It is said that “dead men tell no tales,” but Linda Cosgrove’s study of the Old Masters and their techniques has become the foundation for her art in carrying forward their tradition of fine detail, sense of light and touch that separates them from more contemporary applications. Linda Cosgrove arrived in San Francisco in 1976 […]

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“Safeguard CA” on display at Art Ventures during the Global Climate Action Summit

Art Ventures in downtown Menlo Park is hosting a three-day exhibition showing local artist Michael Killen’s six by 20 foot painting “Safeguard CA” during the Global Climate Action Summit this week, Tuesday to Friday (Sept. 11-14) . The painting is an interpretation of the sixth goal of California’s Climate Plan. There will be an art and […]

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Absurd painting an answer to Elon Musk’s absurd tweet?

Kate Powers, who owns the Art Ventures gallery in downtown Menlo emailed: “We are posting this on Instagram regarding Musk’s tweet [during the Thailand cave rescue] together with my favorite quote “art is the highest form of hope.” “This is a painting by one of my artists-in-residence Uta Reinhardt, oil on canvas; title is History […]

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