Atherton Police

For the month of February, the Atherton Police Department will increase traffic and bicycle enforcement efforts.

In 2019, there were seven bicycle versus vehicle collisions on Middlefield Road between Marsh Road and Ringwood Avenue. Of the seven collisions, four resulted in a visible injury to the bicyclist (abrasions), two resulted in a complaint of pain, and one had no injuries. In five of the collisions, the driver of the vehicle was at fault, in one collision the bicyclist was at fault, and in one collision the fault could not be determined.

With increased traffic on Middlefield Road, there are more opportunities for bicycle versus vehicle collisions. Our goal is to educate both motorists and bicyclists about the common hazards associated when they share the road (ie- riding without the proper lighting equipment, motorists failing to use their signals when turning, etc.).

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Atherton Police arrest man hunkered down in garage on Jennings Lane

Shortly before 4:00 yesterday (12/23/19), Atherton Police patrol officers responded to a report of suspicious adult male in a garage at a residence on Jennings Lane, near Middlefield Rd. The homeowners observed the subject in the garage watching television. Upon arrival, Atherton police officers found 31-year-old, David Lee Jeffery Magris of San Francisco in a […]

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Atherton Police and Menlo Fire share summer intern

The Town of Atherton and the Menlo Park Fire Protection District shared an summer intern through the NexGen Regional Internship Program for local government interns. The Regional Summer Internship program is coordinated through the Two County Next Generation Committee and is designed for every city, county and special district in San Mateo and Santa Clara […]

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Good Samaritan work by Atherton Police and Menlo Fire

Atherton Police Chief Steven D. McCulley issued the following statement this morning: “Late yesterday afternoon, Atherton Police Officers Jonathan Massagli and Jason Bollendorf stopped a vehicle at the intersection of El Camino Real and Oak Grove Avenue.  The officers discovered that the driver, a 30-year-old homeless woman, had a suspended driver’s license.  The officers also […]

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Neighborhood gadfy Kent Brewster casts the spotlight on Menlo Park and Atherton issues

Confine yourself to the tech world, and you’ll learn that Kent Brewster is a “web guy” whose “difficult-to-detect JavaScript powers Yahoo’s Pipes badges, Netflix’s widgets, the badge, Lexity’s store instrumentation and Pinterest’s widgets, bookmarklet and Pin It! button,” according to an O’Reilly Conferences bio. But locals may know him from his grassroots advocacy efforts, […]

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