Bay Trailrunners

Robert Rhodes has been a familiar face behind the bar at the Village Pub in Woodside off and on for a dozen years. Recently, on a just-slow-enough-night, we got a chance to learn about his passion for trail running and vowed to schedule time to hear more, which we did.

Rob told us that he first got into trail running in his mid-30s, about 15 years ago. “At the time, I was working in tech in San Francisco and living in Tiburon. The dot com bust happened, and I found myself unemployed with free time on my hands.

“So I started exploring the Marin Headlands. By running the trails rather than hiking, I could cover more ground.”

He discovered he had a talent for it — and enjoyed being outside. Thinking others would, too, he started organizing group runs. Two years ago, he transformed his avocation into Bay Trailrunners, offering a  variety of outdoor-related experiences, ranging from local group runs to  races to the Trail in Motion Film Festival.

Robert continues to average about 50 miles a week, using the vast network of local trails. “Purisima Creek Redwoods is my favorite,” he says. [And it is where the accompanying photograph was taken by Paul Pratt.]

“Trail running has made me a much more fit person,” said Robert. “It gets me back to a more level state. It has a calming effect.

“Whether I’m running by myself or with friends, it’s just so enjoyable being outdoors amidst beautiful scenery. And there are endless opportunities for new experiences!”

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