bicycle theft prevention tips

• Aways lock your bike’s frame and wheels with a high-quality, modern U-lock (with a disc/flat key)

• Remove all detachable items like lights, bags and quick release parts and take them with you.

• Lock to a bike rack, or firmly affixed (bolts in concrete) parking meter or sign pole; these are the most secure places.

• Record your bike’s serial number. Take a photo of you and your unlocked bike. Keep the receipt. All will help you identify the bike

• Always lock your bike, even if you’re just leaving it for a moment.

• Always lock through the frame and wheel. Add a cable, cable lock, or second U-lock to lock the second wheel.

• Buy the most expensive lock you can afford. U-locks are strong and better ones come with theft warranties. Only buy a U-lock with a flat or disc key. Cylindrical keyed locks are more easily picked.

• Beware of locking to poles that are loosely bolted down and can easily be removed.

• Avoid locking to private property. Store you bike inside if space is available.

• Lock your bike when keeping it in a garage or on a porch.

• Learn about the lock manufacturer’s warranty and product replacement policy.

Photo by Scott R. Kline

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