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The news spread quickly last night: Stanford was closing the Big Dish area as of 5:00 today. That caused this regular Dish walker to do today what she did most often over the years —  be there at dawn and watch the sun come up. And it was a chance to say “stay well” to the many regulars.

The statement from Stanford read:

“Last week, we implemented additional health and safety measures at the Stanford Dish to allow us to be able to keep the area open as long as possible. Extensive signage and increased staff presence were intended to reinforce and educate Dish users to act responsibly in the interests of the entire community.

“While many visitors have taken those measures to heart, unfortunately, there have been a persistent minority of individuals who have not complied with these rules and have, therefore, put others at risk. Many community members have expressed their concerns about what they have experienced at the Dish.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that anyone on Stanford property follow state and county social distancing guidelines to protect public health and safety. At this time, we regretfully believe the only way to do so is to close the Dish area. We will close all entrances to the Dish at 5 p.m. Friday, April 3rd.

“We realize that this will be a disappointment for many in our community, but the health and wellbeing of our community needs to be our primary objective. We will be actively looking for ways to safely reopen the Dish area, and we will communicate with you as soon as we feel that is possible.”

The Menlo Park entrance to the Dish off of Alpine Rd. closed last week, so this isn’t really surprising. We’ve not been able to confirm if Matadero Trail is open as an alternative, although clearly not as close for the InMenlo readership. Here’s an article from 2015 about Matadero as an alternative when the Dish was closed then.

Photos by Linda Hubbard (c) 2020

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Spotted: Deer enjoying breakfast near Big Dish

Glad to report that while people walking and jogging the Big Dish this morning were practicing social distancing, the deer were not. We came upon a foursome munching on tree leaves. It was a nice spot of nature in these tough times. Skies were blue overhead with a few patchy clouds, unlike yesterday afternoon’s rain […]

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Hey Big Dish walkers/joggers – please follow these new guidelines

While the Stanford Dish is currently open for walking and jogging, the Alpine Gate (which is closest to Menlo Park) will be closed starting Thursday, March 26. The three remaining gates remain open: Stanford Ave., Gerona and Frenchmans. But before you all head to those gates, please read and adhere to the guidance issued by […]

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Spotted: Signs-of-the-times #3: “alternative hiking area: Matadero Creek Trail”

Big Dish walkers and joggers pass this sign, a reminder that there’s a nearby alternative to walking/jogging the Dish. Here’s more information about the Matedero Creek Trail posted by Stanford when the Dish was closed five years ago. My recollection is that I somehow picked up another trail for a loop but I can’t confirm […]

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Nearby places to enjoy the outdoors this weekend

Friday, March 20 — the first day of Spring— has been circled on our calendar as time to write a post on places to enjoy the outdoors. Little did we know that a walk or hike or bike ride would be about all we could enjoy in this time of staying-at-home in the hopes of […]

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Is Menlo Park “Camelot” when it comes to rain?

There seems to be a pattern emerging in 2020. Rain falls overnight in Menlo Park but has stopped by the time early morning exercisers hit the trail and children pedal their way to school, a Camelot-like pattern. Emails InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ: “Another .05”. Now at 4.75”.” The low winter sun makes for a […]

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Big Dish walking paths open this week after all

Thanks to inMenlo reader Patti for alerting us that Stanford has postponed the pavement work scheduled for this week on the Big Dish paths. The University said it would make a further announcement when the work is rescheduled. InMenlo file photo (c) 2018

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Spotted: Rainbow at dawn as rain subsides

The rain kept coming overnight in Menlo Park but at dawn the skies begun to clear. Early Dish joggers were treated to a beautiful rainbow (not to mention a young coyote on the hunt). Reports InMenlo weather watchers Bill and Sally Russ: We were delighted to find .8” in our rain gauge this a.m. (especially […]

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Heads up Menlo Park Dish walkers/joggers – entry closures in October

Access through Piers Lane in Menlo Park to Stanford’s Big Dish will be closed October 22 – 25, 2018, due to the Lagunita Diversion Dam Removal and Creek Restoration Project. Access through Frenchman’s Gate on Junipero Serra Blvd. to the Dish will be closed through the end of October due to roadway construction in the […]

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Spotted: Wildlife, warnings and dawn on the Dish

The clouds were pretty going up the Big Dish pathway this morning shortly after dawn. A warning sign at the gate alerted walkers and joggers of recent mountain lion sightings and the high fire danger. The only creature spotted today was a young buck that scampered down the hill and across the pathway. Given the […]

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Spotted: Notice that Big Dish closure is delayed a week

Dish devotees can jog/walk the Stanford hills next week. The closure is now scheduled to begin on July 28 rather than July 21.

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