BNI’s Constant Growth

Menlo Park’s BNI Constant Growth hosted Dr. Ivan Misner (first row, third from right), founder of BNI (Business Networking International), the world’s largest business networking organization at a recent meeting. Several other BNI groups also attended the meeting held at Menlo College, where the 33 members of BNI Constant Growth meet weekly.

Dr. Misner, known as the “father of modern networking” by CNN and a New York Times bestselling author, talked about the three stages of growth for BNI groups. “Chapters are either ‘On Fire’, ‘On Hold’ or ‘In A Hole’. Bringing diversity in terms of the size of companies and levels of experience is key to growth,” he said. “The Constant Growth group is at a level most groups aspire to, on its way to ‘On Fire’ having already exchanged well over $5 million in business between members this year.”

“We are on track to exceed $6 million in closed business this year,” said incoming President Charlie Porter (back row, second from right), Menlo Park Farmers Insurance Agent. “However, we want to keep growing. We want our members to grow as well, and that’s why Dr. Misner’s visit and advice is so timely for us.”

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