UPDATE: We just talked with Tasha Bartholomew, Communications officer for Caltrain. She told us that the bags in question belonged to a couple who was set to board the train in Redwood City. They needed to get money from the ATM and left the bags on the platform, thinking no one would bother what they described as “bags in not very good condition.” But a man snatched the bags and took them on the train. When he realized that there was nothing of value in them, he got off the train.

“It’s a bizarre story,” Bartholomew said. “Transit police responded and the train was swept just for safe measure before it proceeded on to San Jose.

Caltrain #152, had left San Francisco at 2:07 pm, was halted in Menlo Park shortly after 3:00 pm when a suspicious suitcase was reported by at least two passengers. The train was evacuated, and police from multiple agencies responded to the scene.

train with engineer

One woman told InMenlo (and authorities) that a man got on the train in Redwood City and placed a bag in the luggage rack and then got off the train. “I thought he was just going to the platform to get more bags but the door closed before he got back on,” she said.

officer with tape

officer with dog

Photos by Irene Searles Photography


Caltrain celebrates 150 anniversary of rail service with a stop in Menlo Park

The Sons of the Golden West presented a plaque commemorating the Menlo Park Train Depot (1867) to Menlo Park Mayor Ray Mueller as other City Council members looked on this morning. The occasion was the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the completion of the railroad from Francisco to San Jose. Photo by Clay Curtin

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Caltrain celebration of 150 years of Peninsula service continues with free train ride on Jan. 18

Caltrain continues its celebration of 150 years of the Peninsula Commute Service. The next event will honor the completion of the line from San Francisco to San Jose. The line was completed in January of 1864. A special 150th Anniversary train, free to the public, will depart from San Francisco and return from Santa Clara Saturday, […]

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Caltrain kicks off its 150th anniversary celebration in Menlo Park in October

Caltrain is inviting customers and the public to travel back in history on Oct. 19 for the kick off of an extended celebration of 150 years of railroad service between San Francisco and San Jose. The event will be held from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm at the Menlo Park Caltrain Station (1120 Merrill St.). […]

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Results of Caltrain study presented on May 29 in Menlo Park

Tonight (May 29) in Menlo Park, Caltrain will present the results of several studies related to Caltrain electrification and the proposed Caltrain/CHSRA Blended System. This information will help inform both Caltrain and stakeholders as they work together on next-steps. They do not include any policy or planning recommendations. These new studies published by Caltrain show: The […]

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Janet McGovern casts a spotlight on the Peninsula’s commuter railroad

If you’ve lived in Menlo Park or Atherton for half century or more, you remember a time when Dads wore hats and boarded trains bound for San Francisco every morning, catching the 5:27 home. The trains were pulled by steam locomotives — and yes, we’re really dating ourselves. Thanks to a new book by long-time Peninsula-based […]

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Overnight training along Caltrain corridor planned through May 24

Over the next six weeks, there will be a temporary increase in overnight activity along the Caltrain corridor. Caltrain’s new contract-operator, TASI, will be “qualifying” several Federal Railroad Administration-certified engineers Monday through Thursday from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am (intermittently) and during the daytime on weekends through May 24. “Experienced, FRA-certified engineers go through a […]

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Rocks, lots of rocks, railroad rocks!

Along the railroad tracks that parallel Chilco Street in Menlo Park is a large supply of rocks – railroad ballast to be precise. Ballast is used as a bed for railroad tracks and provides track stability, drainage and support for trains. Wikipedia notes that “a good ballast should be strong, hard-wearing, stable, drainable, easy to […]

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Santa and snow arrive on the 7:25

Santa and Mrs. Claus, arrived at the Menlo Park Caltrain station about 7:25 pm this evening where a  large crowd – mainly parents with their preschoolers – had gathered for the festivities. A holiday tradition of sorts (with some years more elaborate than others), the six car, non-passenger train was festooned with decorative lights and […]

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New “gotchas” on the Caltrain horn blasts

A regulator valve that precisely sets the volume has been installed on all of Caltrain’s operating locomotives and cab cars – an action taken to reduce the noise volume of the horns to their previous level. But this latest fix comes with a number of “gotchas” for residents of Menlo Park neighborhoods, who according to […]

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Add jack hammering to the tweets and toots

Beginning tonight and continuing through Thursday (August 27), Menlo Park neighborhoods adjacent to the Caltrain tracks will hear new noises about the time the louder tweets and toots are put to bed for the night. Work on Caltrain’s Grade Crossing Improvement Program at Encinal, Glenwood and Ravenswood Avenues will take place from 8:00 pm to […]

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