classic cars

Fun to drive into the parking lot at the Sharon Heights Shopping Center this morning and come across these four cars, gathered in advance of a nearby car show on the Stanford campus today. The cars were beautiful and the owners were equally lovely. Just another routine morning shopping at Safeway!

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Bruce Ives tools around Menlo in his 1966 Mercury Comet

You can hear it coming – the unmistakable sound of a hot rod. Then it comes into view – top down, the Emberglo Bronze color glistening. Menlo Park resident Bruce Ives describes his 1966 Mercury Comet as “my mid-life crisis car.” He found it after a six month search on the Internet. While manufactured in […]

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Spotted: a ’56 Chevy by any other name

Depending on the era, this car would have been called many things: hot rod, wailin’ short, bad ride, cool wheels. The chrome is good, the paint is fair and the fat tires suggest a muscular V8 ‘mill’ under the hood – a car you’d expect to see in the classic right-of-passage film American Graffiti. In […]

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