Col Joe Cotton

Friends and family of Col. Joe F. Cotton, a longtime Atherton resident before his death in 2016, gathered in his birth town of Rushville, Indiana, yesterday to dedicate a bridge in his honor.

Emails the Colonel’s daughter, Connie Jo Cotton: “There was a Cotton Alley for many years — we actually have the signs at [my folk’s] Atherton home from the Alley.

“I can not recall why it does not exist [anymore], and the town of Rushville has wanted to do something in Dad’s honor for some time. My Mom’s brother and his wife, Bill and Donna Nelson, live in Rushville, and their kids and grandkids live close by as well. They attended on our behalf. We plan to go out in September.”

The naming of the bridge “Joseph Cotton Bridge” was initiated by a resolution presented to the Indiana state legislature by the state’s Committee On Roads and Transportation. A copy of the resolution listing Col. Cotton’s distinguished aviation career and his many accomplishments is available online.

Photos courtesy of Rushville resident Larry Mull