Effective Thursday, June 25, the City of Menlo Park will reopen additional outdoor recreation facilities with health and safety precautions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and comply with state and county health orders. The new local order (Menlo Park Local Order No. 7) reopens the Skate Park, public tennis courts, public basketball courts and public park restrooms.

Precautionary health and safety requirements, including guidance on mandatory face coverings and social distancing requirements, from both the state and county remain in effect at all city facilities, and where applicable, in public spaces.

You can review California’s statewide guidelines for face coverings, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s best practices for wearing and cleaning face coverings.

“We are excited to reopen these additional recreation facilities to our residents and know that the ability for these and other reopening measures to continue rests on the responsible actions and behavior of us all. This pandemic is not over and the virus is still not fully contained. Help us all stay safe by following the rules to protect yourself, your loved ones and our entire community,” said Mayor Cecilia Taylor.

InMenlo file photo (c) 2018

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