downtown Menlo Park

Was it our imagination, or did downtown Menlo Park appear to be jumpy more than it was for many a summer month?

new British Bankers Club signBy mid-morning, the line at always popular Cafe Borrone stretched almost to El Camino — something we don’t see very often. While there we spotted new signage for the British Banker’s Club nextdoor with a date of 2016. But peering in, we weren’t sure that an opening by the end of year could really happen.

Then it was on to the Menlo Park Farmers Market, which was jam-packed. Tomatoes reigned supreme at many of the vendor stalls, along with assortments of string beans in all three colors — green, purple and yellow.

What caught our attention was the music played by the Stony Mountain Ramblers, who describe themselves as hailing from the “Stony Mountain district of Menlo Park.”  That’s new to us (and we figure tongue in cheek). They sounded great, and we intend to follow up with them to hear more about their “hot picking, high-lonesome harmonies, barn-burning dance tunes.”

Photos by Linda Hubbard (c) 2016

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Thanks to Ceci Wong – the woman and the store – there’s still a jewelry store in downtown Menlo Park

Ceci Wong, owner of the jewelry store by the same name in downtown Menlo Park, thinks she might want to write her autobiography. And a quick perusal of her life’s journey bears that out. Born in Hong Kong. Educated in London. Lived in Paris and New York. Employed by Tiffany’s and Neiman Marcus before going out […]

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Cheeky Monkey honored as Retailer of the Year by toy association

Hearing that Menlo Park’s Cheeky Monkey was recently honored as the Retailer of the Year by the Western Toy and Hobby Representatives Association — selected from the 1,000 plus stores in the 13 western states — we stopped in to visit with the toy store’s owners, Anna and Dexter Chow. We were curious: How do you get into the […]

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Spotted: Ambidextrous thumbs at work in downtown Menlo Park

Atherton resident Tricia Young spotted this man hard at work with two mobile phones while she was doing errands in downtown Menlo Park. If he is indeed truly ambidextrous, he’s among just 1% of the population, according to the American Psychology Association. Ninety percent are right-handed and the remaining 10 percent are either left-handed or some […]

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The Jeweler proprietors bid adieu to Menlo Park and Santa Cruz Avenue after almost three decades

The brown and pink banner outside The Jeweler on Santa Cruz Avenue in downtown Menlo Parks says it all: “Retirement Sale.” Charles and Mercedes Horvath are not only closing  up shop, they’re leaving their Menlo home, bound for Colorado. “We have three grandchildren there,” explains Mercedes. “From there we’ll make frequent trips to Arizona where […]

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New planting boxes bring extra burst of Spring to downtown Menlo Park

In early 2013, the Menlo Park City Council decided to invest in an upgrade of the street plantings and furniture on downtown Santa Cruz Avenue (SCA). The project was completed in early 2014. The following is a reconstruction of an interview on April 24th with the project leader, Ruben Niño, Assistant Director of Public Works. […]

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Spotted: Get well greetings to injured twins in downtown Menlo Park

In the spot where local twin boys were injured when a car jumped a curb in downtown Menlo Park near Walgreen’s, a wall of get well greetings has sprung up. Some folks have added flowers. Photo by Dennis Nugent

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Parking extended an extra hour in downtown Menlo Park lots

The parking limits in the downtown parking plazas (not including the plaza 4 – Draeger’s lot) will increase from two to three hours beginning Monday, December 3 through Sunday, January 6, 2013. The new overtime hours will be enforced, as well as other violations such as; red zones, loading zones, etc. Street parking will remain […]

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Spotted: Camouflage car hides in plain sight in downtown Menlo Park

InMenlo contributor Jym Clendenin snapped this photo of a car with a camouflage paint job on Santa Cruz Avenue in downtown Menlo Park.

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Hunting down the long gone Searles Fine Food on Santa Cruz Avenue in downtown Menlo Park

Where Harvest Furniture is now (639 Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park) was once Searles Fine Foods. Frequent InMenlo contributor Jym Clenandin, who is also a member of the Menlo Park Historical Association, did some digging: “The photo I found has a pencil notation ‘about 1960’ on the back, but the cars look like the […]

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Corner of Santa Cruz and Crane: From florist to gift shop with a touch of belly dancing

Several of the commercial establishments in downtown Menlo Park have an unusually long and personal history — such is the saga of the corner of  Santa Cruz Avenue and Crane Street. Leigh and Lillian Aldrich first opened their flower shop on Santa Cruz Avenue in 1952 on the corner of Evelyn Street. That was a […]

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