Dutch Goose

We think the new outdoor dining patio at the Dutch Goose along the Alameda looks great. Goose owner Greg Stern told us they’re putting the last coats of sealer on today, and it will be open for customers tomorrow.

Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2020

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Spotted: Can of Pabst Blue Ribbon at Dutch Goose

We are evidently late to the game in discovering Pabst Blue Ribbon as a hipster beer.  The watery brew was the beer of choice of 50s-era Menlo Park dads doing chores around the house on weekends, but sales had plummeted in decades since. That the brand had a resurgence in 2009 we missed, so we […]

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Checking out the newly ADA compliant Dutch Goose

Since opening in 1966, The Dutch Goose has been an iconic landmark  in and around Menlo Park. This year it has a new look, inside and out. Owner Greg explains that the restaurant “got sued for discriminating against handicapped people,” and subsequently needed to renovate the building in order to provide access. [Editor’s note: According to the […]

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Burgers in Menlo Park: The Dutch Goose

This is the beginning of an epic series — eating through the burgers of Menlo Park. We’re starting at The Dutch Goose, west Menlo Park’s famous beer and burger joint which opened in 1966. Just the Facts: The hamburger at Dutch Goose is a “1/4 lb. burger served on a fresh-baked sesame seed bun topped […]

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Update: It’s ‘tini time at the Dutch Goose

If you’re one of those football fans who thinks beer is ok, but a Division playoff or Super Bowl game would be better with a margarita or a martini, the Dutch Goose’s relatively new back bar is your answer. The burger/beer Menlo Park mainstay serves cocktails on the patio and back room now. “We want […]

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Goose unhappy as Dutch lose World Cup Final?

Your InMenlo correspondents swarmed the Dutch Goose this morning, attempting to interview the eponymous fowl, but she was nowhere to be found as her team lost the World Cup Final to Spain by a heartbreaking 1-0. Spain’s goal came late in overtime, indeed the latest a goal has been scored in Cup history. Goose regulars […]

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To locals it’s the Goose – for Eric Byrnes it’s softball

Menlo’s Dutch Goose received national attention this week with news reports that former major league baseball player Eric Byrnes had become a member of its softball team. “We’re very fortunate to have Eric playing for the Goose,” says Goose owner Greg Stern. “He’s humble, honest, hard working and, if that’s not enough, he can hit […]

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