electronics recycling

Menlo Park residents and businesses are invited to bring confidential files and outdated electronics to the Corporation Yard located at 333 Burgess Drive on Saturday, May 5, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Residents must bring proof of residency such as a utility bill or driver’s license with Menlo Park address. Businesses must bring a Menlo Park businesses license or business card.

Confidential document destruction is limited to three boxes (10” x 12” x 15”) per vehicle. Confidential materials will be shredded onsite. Paper clips, staples and binder clips are acceptable.

Electronics will be accepted for recycling, such as televisions, computer monitors, personal computers, DVD players, printers, scanners, cellular phones and microwaves. A limit of five fluorescent tubes/bulbs per resident/business will be accepted. There’s a complete list of acceptable items available online. For more information, contact Menlo Park’s Environmental Program at (650) 330-6740 or recycle@menlopark.org.

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Spotted: Recycling event with touch of mystery

Large signs promoting a electronic recycling event started springing up around Menlo Park yesterday, mainly along Middle Avenue. A banner has been set up at the site itself, adjacent to the tennis courts at Nealon Park. A quick web search shows that there have been local recycling events across the U.S. in support of Feed […]

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