EZStart Charcoal Chimney

We visited with Menlo Park resident Bill Mince when he was still developing and testing his EZStart® Charcoal Chimney, which eliminates the use of lighter fluid and the need to pour out hot coals.

Adds Bill: “By using the EcoStart® Disk, made of environmental friendly pulp paper we eliminate chemical odors from lighter fluid and flying newspaper ashes.”

In honor of Father’s Day, there’s a promotion on Amazon  — 40% off on all items offered by EZ Flame BBQ when you purchase two or more. Enter code EZ022018 at checkout to apply the savings.

The offer expires at midnight on Thursday June 14, so the chimney can arrive in time for the Sunday cookout.

In addition, Bill emailed that a new website is up and running where he’ll be adding a section on recipes. He welcomes input from friends and InMenlo readers.


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