flame point Siamese

Editor’s note: Does your Menlo Park pet have a story – or do you have a story to tell about your pet? Send it along to tips[at]inmenlo.com. Our first in this series was submitted by Ingrid Steinbergs who gives her cat Rockie his voice.

“My name is Rockie, and I am a 10-year-old flame point Siamese cat.  I live with my Mom, and my wife, Ally, in Menlo Park.

“Nine years ago, I was rescued from the Santa Clara animal shelter by my Mom and Grandma.  I first went to live at my Grandma’s house down in Sunnyvale, but after three days of trying to constantly cuddle with her and kiss her head – plus, I accidently walked into the fireplace and came out covered in soot – I was quickly adopted by Grandma’s daughter, Ingrid.  We are a match made in heaven, as I love to kiss all the time and snuggle close, and she loves that too!

“After two weeks, I was let outside in the evening, as I was pretty good about walking around the fenced pool area and then coming back inside. But one night, I was very curious – as I am a cat – and I wondered out of the gated complex onto Willow Rd. I got confused about how to get back into the complex. My Mom was out most the night with a flashlight calling for me, but I never heard her.

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