flamingos in Menlo Park

We received word that the Agnich flock is not the only flamingo flock in town with a fundrasing purpose. Artist S2, whose flock in the Willows has been featured a number of times on InMenlo, has put together a handmade book – The Willows Flamingos – covering “almost two dozen installations of these iconic plastic fowl.” The one-of-kind-item is available now for online bidding as part of the Peninsula School auction fundraiser.

According to the auction description, the Willows Flamingo  “project has sparked many conversations in the neighborhood and now has fans around the world as regular visitors submit photos of the installations to friends and relatives in remote locations.”

One installation not in the book is the current one (pictured top), which S2 emailed us earlier today, providing some “krill to chew on.”

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Flock of flamingos with a fundraising purpose

When Tracy Scandlyn, director of development at the Jean Weingarten Peninsula Oral School for the Deaf, offered parents $100 seed money to jump start a fundraising project of their choice, Menlo Park residents Kelli and Michael Agnich took her up on it. Then Kelli started researching unique fundraising ideas on the Internet and discovered flocking. […]

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Spotted: No order to these flamingos

It’s hard to be in the Willows neighborhood and not swing by and see what the Laurel St. flamingos are up to. Most recently, they were “out of order.” Hopefully artist S2, who shepherds this flock, will get them back on track.

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Spotted: Flamingos open to suggestions

We had meant to swing by and see what the Laurel St. flamingos where up to on Valentine’s Day but missed the opportunity. Finding ourselves right down the street from the flock this morning, we swung by to see if President’s Day had them in a patriotic mood. It didn’t appear so, as they were […]

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