Fremont Park

Emails Menlo Park resident Barb Slaton: “We have been gathering [six feet apart] in Fremont Park with our Peet’s takeaway coffee. We noticed a young man picking up trash.

“After seeing him several times, we got to know him a bit. Turns out he is homeless, living in Menlo Park. He is clean, respectful, fully-masked and very polite. He carries with him resources for the homeless and underserved to find meals, showers, etc.

“At first we thought it was an occasional thing but we see him every day. His name is Chance. I snapped a photo of his list.

“People have started to notice and occasionally buy him a coffee or a sandwich.”

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Spotted: Summer reading on comfy carved tree in Fremont Park

Long-time InMenlo contributor Jym Clendenin snapped this photo of a woman reading a book on one of Big John Mahoney‘s carved trees in Fremont Park.

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Menlo Park Historical Association commemorates end of World War I and the beginning of Fremont Park

Locals, including veterans (pictured top), gathered at Fremont Park today to commemorate the end of World War I 100 years ago today — and the 80th anniversary of the Park itself. At the event, organized by the Menlo Park Historical Association, Bo Crane (pictured right) talked about how 20 years after the Armistice on Nov. 11, […]

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100th anniversary of Armistice Day to be celebrated at Fremont Park

Beginning at 10:30 am on Sunday, November 11, the Menlo Park Historical Association (MPHA) will host an event at Fremont Park in downtown Menlo Park celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice that ended the Great War, now known as the World War I. The celebration will also include the 80th anniversary of the […]

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Spotted: Two porta-potties at Fremont Park

Yes, they do allow porta-potties at Fremont Park, we say tongue-in-check. In a bit of irony, the day InMenlo ran an opinion piece suggesting that porta-potties be brought to the Park during the summer concert series, these two potties were planted in the park. They were there during the Emergency Preparedness Drill that took place […]

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Fremont Park is transformed into triage center today for disaster response training

InMenlo contributing photographer Robb Most headed to Fremont Park in downtown Menlo Park today to capture some of the action at the emergency response training drill hosted by the City of Menlo Park, the Menlo Park Fire Department, the Menlo Park Police Department, and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). The objective of the drill was to prepare […]

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“Holding the light for kindness” candlelight vigil planned for Friday night

The community is invited to attend a candlelight vigil on January 20, 2017, from 6:oo to 7:00 pm at Fremont Park (corner of Santa Cruz Ave. and University Ave.) in Menlo Park. The event will take place even if it is raining. “We are inviting you and your families and friends to join together in bringing […]

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Spotted: Big John, tree carver of Fremont Park, at Long Beach Airport

InMenlo contributing photographer Irene Searles ran into Big John, who did such a creative job of creating play space out of a downed stone pine tree in Fremont Park last fall, at the Long Beach airport.  You can read more about his work in this post by Jym Clendenin. Photo by Irene Searles (c) 2015

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Italian stone pine in Fremont Park gives birth to art & play structure – with new trees to come

From disaster and death can come the birth of something good (myth of the phoenix). The big Italian stone pine that guarded the eastern side of Fremont Park had to be taken down in September, a disturbing event for many in our community. From the collective brainstorming of residents and city of Menlo Park staff, […]

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Summer weather brings kids and bunny ears to Fremont Park

Just (4:00 pm) walked by Fremont Park. The hot weather – temps in the high 80s – apparently motivated a crowd of middle school students to gather there for some ball play and fun. The bunny ears gave it an Easter feel.

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It’s bubbles and brass at the weekly summer concert

The night was warm and the sounds wafting over downtown Menlo Park were a mix of funk, disco and Latin, thanks to The Hit Men who featured a horn section. For some, all that brass meant earplugs, provided by the evening’s sponsor Peninsula Associates (along with bottles of bubbles). And then there were the three […]

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