Thanks for the great response about sending flower photos that people can spot doing neighborhood walks while observing shelter-in-place.

By coincidence two residents of Stanford Avenue in the University Heights neighborhood sent in photos.

We feature Kristi Elliot’s tulips (above) and Charles Schmuck’s violets (correct me flower fanciers if that’s not correct!).

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Neighborhood walking: spring blooms in Menlo Park

Now that we’re being encouraged to exercise in our own neighborhoods to curb the spread of COVID-19, we thought it would be fun and informative to identify some points of interest that can be seen along the way as well as spotlight the flowers and trees that make spring so beautiful in our towns. Tomorrow […]

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Vote is in – best front yard topiary!

If you happen to be cruising by foot or vehicle past this Oak Dell neighborhood front yard, it’s hard to miss the topiary showcased in the front yard. But it takes a little investigation to uncover exactly what it is. InMenlo has the scoop, thanks to residents Carol and Darren: “The topiary is a horse. […]

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