goats in Menlo Park

The hungry weed-eaters will be grazing in Sharon Hills Park for the next two weeks, eliminating the fire hazard of dry weeds and grass. The goats are a nontoxic alternative to using herbicides, one of the many environmentally friendly practices of the City of Menlo Park’s Integrated Pest Management Plan.

The goats are cared for 24 hours a day by an on-site shepherd and herding dogs. The park is broken into small sections using a low-voltage electric fence so the goats graze the area effectively before moving on to another area of the park.

After the goats complete their work at Sharon Hills Park, they will graze the undeveloped section of Sharon Park, near the corner of Klamath Drive and Sharon Park Drive. Visitors are welcome to watch the goats, as long as any dogs are leashed.

Photos by Robb Most (c) 2019

From Menlo Updates; used with permission

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The goats have been hard at work mowing the grass at Sharon Hills Park in Menlo Park for a week now. When we stopped by today, shepherd Walter told us there are three more areas to be munched. The goats are protected by a large dog inside the fenced area – Walter wasn’t sure what […]

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Goats report for work at Sharon Hills Park

As part of its annual program of fire prevention, the City of Menlo Park is once again eliciting the help of goats, which provide a non-toxic alternative to the typical noisy, mechanical equipment used for cutting down and removing tall weeds and grass. “We’re happy that we can continue to provide this very popular program,” […]

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