No, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you. Menlo’s non-motorized, grid-friendly herd of goats, along with their shepherds, has returned to remove tall weeds and grass from Sharon Hills Park and will be in residence the next couple of weeks.

“This is a very popular program that many residents look forward to each year,” says David Mooney, the City of Menlo Park’s Parks and Trees Supervisor. “We’re happy that we are able to continue to provide this method of removing brush and grass to make things safer during the fire season.”

The herd of  several hundred goats is cared for 24 hours a day by on-site shepherds, herding dogs, and a low voltage electric fence. The shepherds typically break the area into smaller sections so the goats graze one area effectively before moving them to another section of the park.

Mooney adds: “It is typical for this process to take two to three weeks before the goats move off to their next location. Our only request is that if people come to see the goats that they please follow the posted rules, and if you bring your dog(s), please keep them leashed.”

Photo by Scott Loftesness

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