Halloween in Menlo Park

There’s always something new in Menlo Park when Halloween comes along. Last year it was the colorful paint job at Brandee Barker’s house on Hobart. This year it’s a Halloween maze on Vine Street, constructed by 12-year-old William Floyd.

William, who attends Menlo School, thought about doing a maze last year, but made it happen this year with some help from his younger brother and older sister as well as transportation provided by his father to the hardware store where he purchased burlap and stakes.

“I think mazes are cool and it would be fun to have one in my front yard,” he said. “I just added a strobe light along with a string of lights.”

William planned his maze not by drawing it but rather by placing chopsticks in the ground to plot it out.

“I did have to make some adjustments as I had too few stakes and too many chopsticks,” he said. “We did buy some more stakes and I cut some long pieces of wood that were in my backyard.”

The day we visited, William had just added some scary Halloween decorations to the maze to give it a little more personality.

While it took a lot of time to do, William is glad that he did the maze this year and is interested in how many trick or treaters will go through it on Halloween.

Fun side note: William’s parents first met at a Halloween party in San Francisco.

Photos by Robb Most (c) 2017

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Drizzles add up to more rainfall in Menlo Park

The rain stayed away for most of trick or treat time last night. But InMenlo weather watcher did record another .1″ in his gauge overnight, bringing his season-to-date to 3.9″. Photo by Cindy Tipton

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Halloween wraps up (as always) in Menlo Park with The Members playing for the neighborhood

There was a light sprinkle while The Members played their 10th annual Halloween in the Lemon Street garage this Halloween night. That they are one good Dad’s/garage band is undisputed. We always wish we could hear them more often. And that’s a wrap for InMenlo’s Halloween coverage..

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Spotted: Kids wandering along Ladera’s spooky path

The Ladera neighborhood has long had fun with its scary walkway, photographed here by InMenlo contributing photographer Laura Hamilton. We know these kids had fun!  

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A salute to Menlo Park’s most Halloweeny house

We got a tip from Bob Holmes aka The Walking Man about a colorfully painted Halloween house on his street, so we swung by to take a look. We were lucky enough to meet homeowner Brandee Barker, who emailed us details about how the paint job came about: “We moved to Hobart in early 2012 when […]

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Clever pumpkins take center stage at University Park neighborhood Halloween gathering

Cute kids in costumes. Fresh-pressed apple cider. They’re just two of the traditions at University Park’s annual Halloween gathering held yesterday. Special tip of the hat to the folks who carved truly original jack o’ lanterns. Great creativity! Thanks to Cindy Tipton for sending the photos.

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Blue skies and warm temps make for fun Halloween parade in Menlo Park

The threat of rain was well over when Menlo Park’s annual Halloween parade started at 11:00 am this morning, moving up Santa Cruz Avenue to Fremont Park. InMenlo founder and photographer Scott Loftesness drew parade photo duties. We selected a variety of close up faces to make up what is only “round one” of our Halloween […]

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The Members perform their annual Halloween show

Come take a break from politics, and party with The Members at their 10th annual Halloween Block Party show this Halloween. Bring the kids while trick-or-treating, or come without kids for an adult beverage, this Monday, October 31, starting at 6:00 pm, at the corner of Oakdell and Lemon in Menlo Park. The band usually keeps […]

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Spotted: Gnome be gone on Halloween

What caught our attention was two huge spider webs in the front yard of this west Menlo Park home. But what caught our fancy was the gnome being carried away but two giant ants! At least we think they are ants but could be some kind of alien. Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2016

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Spotted: Zombies for President in 2016!

InMenlo follower Greg Hyde was good enough to send in this photo of the Democratic and Republican candidates for President and Vice President looking their zombie best for Halloween in a Laurel St. front yard.

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Ideas for fun no-carve Halloween pumpkins

Before heading out to the pumpkin patch this weekend to pick out your Halloween jack-o-lantern, consider these ideas from the always creative Menlo Park resident Alexis Murphy. She writes: “Do you want to know the thing that scares me most at Halloween? Carving pumpkins! They never turn out how I envisioned, it’s messy, they rot and the […]

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