history museum for Menlo Park

I was thinking the other day how nice it would be if the City of Menlo Park had a History Museum. Having incorporated in year 1927, many items of memorabilia are being stored in the Library basement and other parts of town.

A museum could be a place where several of these valued items could be on display, offer docent tours, be a place for lectures, discussions and overall a place of learning for students, citizens, reporters, researchers and basically the community.

Other cities have them. One only needs to go to Redwood City, for instance, to marvel at the museum located in the old court house on Broadway.

Lucy Stern in Palo Alto made a whole community center avaialble, that has stood the test of time and become a cherished asset. Public spirited citizens, such as Birge and Esther Clark, Lucille Packard and others have helped to make dreams come true. The question is, might there be such a person or persons in Menlo Park? I sure hope so.

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